Where Should You Go: Citybreak, Beach Holiday or Exploration?

Choosing a holiday location isn’t always an easy task, so you want to go somewhere hot? That doesn’t really narrow things down particularly well. Often what does though is thinking about what you like to do on your vacations, are you a person who likes to rest and recuperate on a hot beach, do you like to soak up culture in another capital city or is adventure and exploration your thing? Knowing which of these you would prefer to do can really help in narrowing on a holiday location.

There are advantages and the odd downfall to all of these types of holiday so we’ve gone into some detail to help you make a decision.

City Break

For those who don’t want to spend their time off lounging around surrounded by semi-naked men there are plenty other holiday alternatives and a city break is often a great alternative. Often you will find that you can even combine a city break with a beach holiday so you can get the best of both worlds without being bored by spending too much time in the sun.

City breaks are often a more affordable holiday choice, allowing people who might not be able to afford an expensive vacation the opportunity to take in another culture over a long weekend. This is in fact becoming a popular choice for holiday goers now as they can have numerous advantages. As mentioned they immerse you in another country’s culture for a short period of time, there is often a lot to do so you will never find yourself lost for ideas, whether you take in all the historical sites or just explore a different city’s restaurants and shops. If you do your research then you can plan your own-guided tour, taking in all the tourist spots as well as any hidden away gems or points of interest that you might like to see.

Beach Bum

This is generally the preferred type of holiday for anyone who just wants to sit back and relax, winding their day away with the sea at their feet and the sun in their eyes. There are plenty of places to choose between but pick carefully! Often people tend to swarm to hotspots so what could have been a relaxing holiday turns into a stressful and cramped atmosphere. This can be avoided by choosing your hotel carefully, doing this in more local towns will help you find a more spacious and relaxed place to rest your weary head.

These holidays are also great for seafood lovers, being by the ocean affords you the opportunity to try some of the freshest seafood you can get your hands on. Of course you have to take into consideration how close your hotel is in relation to the beach and you might be relying upon getting public transport, frequent taxis or having to deal with hiring a car.

Adventure and Exploring

How many of us have gone on a holiday only to find ourselves bored with what the place has to offer? Not all beach holidays are fun and relaxing for an extended period. For those of us who seek excitement and interest there are plenty of ways to go about this abroad. Whether camping or taking part in a hike, exploring a new country is an exciting prospect and a great way to try things you can’t do at home. It can also be a great way to get you out of work and there are numerous benefits of doing so. Why not try scuba diving or rock climbing? You might feel nervous initially but there are great experiences to be had and completing them will boost your confidence